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  1. GOKART82
    2016 alpine white Renegade 75th anniversary edition 4x4. Bought new on 4/12/17. I plan on having it for awhile, hope you enjoy my posts.
  2. Tracie Leigh
    Tracie Leigh
    It's been almost a month and I gotta say...I love my Toaster Jeep!! Happy I found this forum!!
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  3. Carson
    Carson TxToaster
    What size tires are you running? they look like 235/65/17
  4. Carson
    Carson Hobbz
    Hey I saw that you ordered a daystar lift kit, did you get it installed somewhere or did you install it yourself? I live in Colorado and am looking for a shop to do it because I don't have the proper tools.
    1. Hobbz
      I did it my self. If you are close to Denver, I hear Trail Jeeps is a good shop
      Apr 12, 2017
  5. Stanley Robinson
  6. Carson
    Carson Courtronic
    Hey dude I really like what you did to your jeep, I have a 2015 trailhawk and was wondering where you got those smoke side reflectors+led?

  7. Chile
    New Jeep owner. Taking it slow and learning.
  8. MFlores757
    Taking the wife's Trailhawk & putting all the fun stuff on it.
  9. Old Curmudgeon
    Old Curmudgeon
    Wind noise. Any known fixes for a wind noise near the top of the passenger door - only when the blower is on and doing over 50 mph?
  10. Life's a Beach
    Life's a Beach Mojave
    Are you the person selling the hood vinyl you have installed on your truck? If so how much $ and can it be purchased in a satin black or semigloss vinyl vs the flat black?
  11. Anvil_Beater
    Love my Renegade and named her Rocky!
    Just clicked 100 miles in my new 2016 anvil sport 4x4 1.4t hearing that little turbo spool!
  13. GlobexGlen
    Out Jeeping :D
  14. LittleRed
    LittleRed Mojave
    Hey Mojave....I came across the thread where you discussed putting Thule feet and cross bar on your Renegade Sport. I didn't see where you posted the parts etc. Could you provide that for me. Out of all the ones I've seen, I like yours the best.
  15. ricardo cohen
  16. moises
    Got snow!
  17. moises
    moises Nina
    I might go to Azusa canyon this Sunday. Now that it's raining, the 2 small rivers should be pretty good!
  18. jmzhebron
    jmzhebron aalca62
    Hey, So I just recently got my hawk about a week ago. I live in metro atlanta (smyrna) so off roading would be a trip for me. Maybe one weekend we could hit some of the trails you have gone on but just remember, this will be my 1st off roading experience as a driver.
  19. ShadowRock
    Good Day to everyone on this Forum, Hope to exchange Good info.
  20. ShadowRock
    Just bought a 2016 Renegade Trailhawk , Traded in the 2013 Wrangler JKU