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  1. T-Bone
    Just bought my 2017 Renegade Deserthawk!
  2. Zooti3
    Zooti3 OmegaRed
    Hey, i think i may have crossed paths with you yesterday afternoon on Elliot about 4:15. Don't see too many Rene's with the spare on a roof basket.
  3. toaster4
    Just purchased a deserthawk and having a lot of fun with it dented exhaust anyone figure out how to protect it.
  4. JeepTO
    JeepTO burnttoast
    Ever trade your setup??
  5. Haseebinator3
  6. r3nrut
    It was good enough for Batman.
  7. GOKART82
    2016 alpine white Renegade 75th anniversary edition 4x4. Bought new on 4/12/17. I plan on having it for awhile, hope you enjoy my posts.
  8. Tracie Leigh
    Tracie Leigh
    It's been almost a month and I gotta say...I love my Toaster Jeep!! Happy I found this forum!!
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  9. Carson
    Carson TxToaster
    What size tires are you running? they look like 235/65/17
  10. Carson
    Carson Hobbz
    Hey I saw that you ordered a daystar lift kit, did you get it installed somewhere or did you install it yourself? I live in Colorado and am looking for a shop to do it because I don't have the proper tools.
    1. Hobbz
      I did it my self. If you are close to Denver, I hear Trail Jeeps is a good shop
      Apr 12, 2017
  11. Stanley Robinson
  12. Carson
    Carson Courtronic
    Hey dude I really like what you did to your jeep, I have a 2015 trailhawk and was wondering where you got those smoke side reflectors+led?

  13. Chile
    New Jeep owner. Taking it slow and learning.
  14. MFlores757
    Taking the wife's Trailhawk & putting all the fun stuff on it.
  15. Old Curmudgeon
    Old Curmudgeon
    Wind noise. Any known fixes for a wind noise near the top of the passenger door - only when the blower is on and doing over 50 mph?
  16. Life's a Beach
    Life's a Beach Mojave
    Are you the person selling the hood vinyl you have installed on your truck? If so how much $ and can it be purchased in a satin black or semigloss vinyl vs the flat black?
  17. Anvil_Beater
    Love my Renegade and named her Rocky!
    Just clicked 100 miles in my new 2016 anvil sport 4x4 1.4t hearing that little turbo spool!
  19. GlobexGlen
    Out Jeeping :D
  20. LittleRed
    LittleRed Mojave
    Hey Mojave....I came across the thread where you discussed putting Thule feet and cross bar on your Renegade Sport. I didn't see where you posted the parts etc. Could you provide that for me. Out of all the ones I've seen, I like yours the best.