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  1. epaine72
    Anyone know if there are aftermarket options for brakes and rotors for Renegades? I just went thru the 1st set in 26,000 miles.
    1. persquank
      persquank is always a good resource for parts. has a couple performance rotor options.
      Jul 10, 2018
  2. Dave Garlow
    Dave Garlow
    Hello to all! Let's have fun Modding a Toaster!!!
  3. Joehook
    Joehook Jeff Blizard
    Hey Jeff this is Joe, we just met at the waffle House in Kimball. Figured I'd shoot you a msg so we can stay in contact. Thanks for coming out while we were admiring you hawk lol
  4. Barry Mondragon
    Barry Mondragon
    Has any put Goodyear wrangler Dura track wheels on ur renegade?
  5. Thanh Bui
    Thanh Bui Nathaniel
    Hi was wondering if that is your jeep in the picture. Whats your set up for that as far as wheels and rims/spacers go?

    1. Nathaniel
      sure is, those are the standard 17" rims from the 2017 Trailhawk except mine are blacked out. Tires are 235/65R17 Atturo Trailblade X/T and I have 2 inch offset spacers. I do the occasional off roading but it's mostly because I think it looks better then the stock look.
      Jun 11, 2018
  6. vince41
    I only speak French!
  7. Leaky
    Hi from Alberta, Canada. First time Jeep owner. Just purchased a new Renegade Trailhawk. Had it for less than 2 weeks and loving it.
  8. Ricky89
    Anyone hitting the trails tomorrow in the IE?
  9. persquank
    persquank JasonD79
    Did you have your alignment done after the install?
  10. Nick5315
    Working out the tire rub on my 245/65r17 Cooper Discovers after the ATP 4.0 lift
  11. Matt Sevigny
    Matt Sevigny Avid Essentials Team
    Are you still running the front bumper special?
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    2. Avid Essentials Team
      Avid Essentials Team
      Not at this time. We did however just roll out another Promo to save 5% during Memorial Day Weekend! 3 Days ONLY Saturday May 26-Monday May 28 input Coupon Code "AVIDMD5" at Check-Out to receive 5% OFF entire Product Purchase at
      May 24, 2018
  12. Andy Persona
    Andy Persona
    Valentina Snappi has some sexy new hiking boots...
  13. -Finn
    Newbie here with a 2017 Latitude and MySky
  14. JasonD79
    I installed the Daystar 1’5 lift. Rear end feels loose and sways while driving. Everything is tight and installed. Any ideas?
  15. Cody Stephens
    Cody Stephens
    The first thousand miles are behind me and they were great!
  16. red/green hawk
    red/green hawk wayoflife
    Wondering if your tpms malfunctioned after putting spacers and new tires On? Dealership is telling me it is the reason why mine isn't working.
  17. dyb3_ohwxnut
    Just put on BFGoodys KO2s 225/65/r17 no lift. Looks sweet!
  18. Ssj20
    Ssj20 OGJEEP
    Would you recommend the AVID lift kits over the Daystar or Teraflex? Getting a lift installed next week would appreciate some insight..Thank you!!
  19. Corrupt_Reverend
    Corrupt_Reverend Rednewt
    Are you able to access the clutch disengage thing on your winch?
  20. Cody Stephens
    Cody Stephens
    Buying a Renny