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  1. StreetCav
    2018 Jeep Compass Sport W/Cold Weather Package and Sport Appearance Package
  2. Matthew J Growney
    Matthew J Growney
    New to the Jeep gang! All tips and tricks welcomed!
  3. Jemima
    First Jeep for us!
  4. BUtrlhhawk
    BUtrlhhawk wayoflife
    Hi all, I din't know you could change up your user name. Can you fix mine? I got one too many h's in mine. Was half asleep when I set it up. lol
  5. gselsidi
    gselsidi wayoflife
    Hey Quick question, I know for your 225/75r16 tires you had spacers on, did you put the spacers on cause you had too? Or you just wanted them? Wondering If i lift 1.5" and throw those tires on a Sport with no spacers if I will get rubbing? Heard the spacers are what usually causes rubbing? Thanks
  6. xmelaniesloanx
    2018 Jeep Renegade
  7. Eddy
    Eddy wayoflife
    I then asked if I could could get some Trailhawk springs would they put those on with Daystar kit and they said okay. But they are crazy expensive. I called another shop and they said they would do Eibach and Daystar kit but I didn’t want to mess up my renegade any advice
  8. Eddy
    Eddy wayoflife
    I recently got my upland renegade 4x4 and I want to lift it but I was curious what the best and safest thing was. I went to a shop & they said it’s bad to put the Daystar & Eibach Springs on it because of the joins wear. They even said they wouldn’t but I really want the 3 inches. Any advice?
  9. Joseph
    Joseph OGJEEP
    Do you have any recommendations on the lift? I'm considering one of the two ATP 2 inch or Avid Essentials Lift.
  10. i86hotdogs
    Changing the world, one minivan at a time.
  11. Jeremiah
    Jeremiah scruffus
    Do you have any pictures from the side after you installed the Atturo's and 15mm spacers? How are those tires in the snow?
  12. red/green hawk
    red/green hawk OGJEEP
    Where did you get your tires? The 225/70/17 Kumho mt51 aren't listed on the size chart on the kumho website. I see I can buy that size online if I want them. I still need to check local tire shops.
  13. Br!anR_oIIIIIIIo
    Br!anR_oIIIIIIIo JeepCares
    Is this a direct connection to Jeep Cares?
    1. JeepCares
      Hello, yes it is. If you have a question or concern, please send us a private message.
      Aug 21, 2018
  14. iamjohn
    life goes onn...
  15. Matthew Mitchell
    Matthew Mitchell
    Having fun with a 17' Deserthawk!
  16. epaine72
    Anyone know if there are aftermarket options for brakes and rotors for Renegades? I just went thru the 1st set in 26,000 miles.
    1. persquank
      persquank is always a good resource for parts. has a couple performance rotor options.
      Jul 10, 2018
  17. Dave Garlow
    Dave Garlow
    Hello to all! Let's have fun Modding a Toaster!!!
  18. Joehook
    Joehook Jeff Blizard
    Hey Jeff this is Joe, we just met at the waffle House in Kimball. Figured I'd shoot you a msg so we can stay in contact. Thanks for coming out while we were admiring you hawk lol
  19. Barry Mondragon
    Barry Mondragon
    Has any put Goodyear wrangler Dura track wheels on ur renegade?
  20. Thanh Bui
    Thanh Bui Nathaniel
    Hi was wondering if that is your jeep in the picture. Whats your set up for that as far as wheels and rims/spacers go?

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    2. Nathaniel
      sure is, those are the standard 17" rims from the 2017 Trailhawk except mine are blacked out. Tires are 235/65R17 Atturo Trailblade X/T and I have 2 inch offset spacers. I do the occasional off roading but it's mostly because I think it looks better then the stock look.
      Jun 11, 2018