What is an Administrator?
Administrators are the owners of TOASTERJEEP.com. Views and opinions expressed by Administrators may not always reflect those of its sponsors.

What is a Moderator?
Moderators are regular members who have generously agreed to volunteer their time to help manage TOASTERJEEP.com and enforce its rules and policies. Moderators are NOT paid employees and the views and opinions expressed by them may not always reflect those of WAYALIFE.com.

How long does it take to become a registered member?
In an effort to prevent spam bots from signing up and polluting TOASTERJEEP.com with harmful content, viruses and/or spyware, all new member accounts require approval from an administrator prior to activation. Unfortunately, this process may take up to 2-3 business days and we ask for your patience during this time. Please understand that this process is necessary step to help protect the members of WAYALIFE.com.

Is soliciting allowed?
No. Soliciting is not allowed unless you are a paying advertiser of TOASTERJEEP.com.

Can I be a member just to sell stuff?
No. If your only purpose for being a member of TOASTERJEEP.com is to sell things, your privileges here will be revoked and your account suspended.

Can I use this forum to promote an event, cause or agenda?
If your only purpose for being on TOASTERJEEP.com is to promote an agenda, ANY agenda, your membership here will no longer be welcome and your account will be suspended.

Can I post a Facebook or other social media competition on TOASTERJEEP.com?
No. We would ask that you please refrain from starting threads or making posts regarding competitions being hosted on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or any other social media sites.

Can I post links or direct members to other Jeep related forums, Facebook or other social media sites?
While we would prefer that you did not post links or direct members to other Jeep related forums, facebook pages, Google+, chat rooms or other social media outlets, it is something we do allow SO LONG AS you are NOT the owner of the site in question and/or, they do not allow or encourage hate toward the owners of TOASTERJEEP.com or it's moderators. Soliciting traffic to anyone of these sites is not allowed. Please be advised that your post may be edited or removed if it contains such content.

Can I use the name of a manufacturer or vendor as a part of my user name?
Unless you are the manufacturer or vendor in question, no, you are not allowed to use their name as a part of your user name.

What am I allowed to post in my signature?
You may only post non-offensive text in your signature such as descriptions of your Jeep, famous quotes, etc. You may also use BB code and emoticons to enhance your signature but photos or images are not allowed nor is any HTML code. You may ONLY post links to personal websites, clubs and/or non-profit organizations. Signature links that clearly go to pages you are an owner of and are, in our opinion, trying to either sell or get something for free, is not allowed. NO SOLICITING of any kind is allowed. Any signature containing such content will be removed without notice and your membership here may be suspended.

What is an Infraction?
An infraction is a reprimand given to members who have been caught violating the rules of TOASTERJEEP.com. Multiple infractions can and/or will result in the banning of a members account. If you receive an infraction, you will receive a PM explaining what you are being reprimanded for and your account may be temporarily suspended.

What is a Troll?
A "Troll" is internet slang for a person who creates posts or has a user name, signature and/or profile with content specifically intended to incite reaction (usually directed at another forum member, the administrator, a vendor/manufacturer or a political group, race, etc...), disrupt normal on-topic discussions, incite drama or cause trouble on the forum. "Troll" posts or deliberate actions seen as trolling will not be tolerated on TOASTERJEEP.com.

What is a "Banned" member?
A banned member is a individual who has had their account terminated here on TOASTERJEEP.com and is no longer able to view any content on it. Members can and will be banned for purposefully breaking TOASTERJEEP.com rules, trolling administrators or moderators, trolling the forum by actively inciting drama and/or being openly antagonistic or hateful toward WAYALIFE.com. The owners of TOASTERJEEP.com reserves the right to ban any member for any reason and without any prior notice. We reserve the right to delete all threads and posts made by banned members. We also reserve the right to post up any and all Private Messages they may have sent to Moderators and/or Administrators.

How to I have my account deleted from TOASTERJEEP.com?
You can't. We do not allow members to have their accounts deleted. Don't like the forum, don't visit it anymore. Any request to have an account deleted will result in the suspension of it or, have it banned depending on how the request is made.

Can manufacturers or vendors participate on TOASTERJEEP.com?
Manufacturers and vendors may only participate on TOASTERJEEP.com if they are a paying advertiser. Manufacturers and vendors found to be soliciting, discussing who they are or the goods and/or services they provide will have their account suspended.

Can dealerships participate on TOASTERJEEP.com?
Dealerships may only participate on WAYALIFE.com if they are first and foremost a contributing member of this forum. Any dealership or associate of theirs who's only purpose for being on WAYALIFE.com is to solicit will have their account suspended.

Can competing websites and/or publications participate on TOASTERJEEP.com?
No. Competing websites and/or publications are NOT allowed to participate on TOASTERJEEP.com.

How do I become an advertiser of TOASTERJEEP.com?
If you would like to become an advertiser on TOASTERJEEP.com, please contact the administrator by clicking the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page.

Can off road race teams participate on TOASTERJEEP.com?
Yes, off road race teams may participate on WAYALIFE.com so long as they are not directly affiliated with a vendor or shop. If they are, they must either be a paying advertiser or have permission from the Administrator.

Can Non-Profit Organizations Participate on TOASTERJEEP.com?
While we do make some exceptions for non-profit organizations to participate on TOASTERJEEP.com, we do require you to contact the administrators and get their approval first. Be prepared to provide a detailed explanation about your non-profit organization and what it does to help your cause. Additional information including a full disclosure of how proceeds are distributed may be required as well.

Can I make posts about non-profit organizations, charities or charitable events?
While TOASTERJEEP.com is willing to support and help promote legitimate non-profit organizations, charities and charitable events, we do require proof of their 501(c)(3) status be provided as well as have a detailed record of what they've accomplished and offer full disclosure of how their proceeds are distributed. Any and all non-profit organizations, charities, charitable events or their websites that are posted on TOASTERJEEP.com and cannot be verified by the IRS as having a legitimate 501(c)(3) status will not be allowed, PERIOD. 3rd party organizations or businesses that attempt to promote themselves by hosting charitable events will be required to provide proof that they are in fact working with a specific non-profit organization or charity and that proceeds collected from the event will in fact be going to them. Please note, it is the responsibility of the member who wishes to make posts regarding non-profit organizations, charities and charitable events to obtain and provide this information to the administrator.

Who owns TOASTERJEEP.com?
The Administrators Cindy and Eddie Oh own TOASTERJEEP.com and make it possible for others to enjoy for FREE by financing 100% of its existence.