2017 Deserthawk Impact Absorber missing

Discussion in 'Renegade Stock Tech' started by action, Aug 2, 2019.

  1. action

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    Aug 2, 2019
    SW Florida
    I had a front end accident. After repairs, there is no impact absorber behind the front bumper cover. I can push it back 3" - 4" with my knee. there is nothing behind the access hole in the cover. I swear I saw an impact absorber sticking out from one of the vent holes before repairs. 3 dealerships tell me there is no impact absorber in my Deserthawk. I cannot find one here in SW FL to look at in person. I did verify that the Trailhawk DOES have an impact absorber in it. That cover only moves back about 1/4".
    I called Customer Care and was told the same thing that the dealerships tell me. I know they are all using the same parts lookup. Can that be incorrect? Customer Care also told me I should be going to a dealership with this problem. I went back to them and was given the number for Customer Care. Grrr.
    I amnot looking for another person to look this up in the parts manuals. I AM looking for someone to take a video for me of either looking in the access hole or using your knee to push on the middle of the bumper cover.
    I feel like a safety item was left out of my Renegade Deserthawk. Why would the impact absorber be in every other model but not the Deserthawk?
    I will even offer to send a few bucks to anyone that can help out.....or give a donation to the board...I need proof that there SHOULD be something in there

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    Mar 16, 2017
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    Wow sounds like a sucky problem. Though to be honest the impact absorber is there for those 5 mph and less accidents to stop your bumper from showing damage. In a high speed accident the foam will do little to protect you.

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