How To: 1.3 turbo oil change

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    Just did my first oil change on my 2019 1.3T Trailhawk. I haven't looked at the instructions for the 1.4T or the 2.4, so this might be old news. :)

    Tools needed:

    T30 socket

    10MM socket

    13MM socket

    3" extension

    6" extension

    Ratchet of your choosing

    Adjustable oil filter wrench, it was pretty tight from the factory but this made it super easy:

    Ramps or jack/ jackstands


    4.5 qts 0w30 SN+ oil (I used Mobil 1 AFE)

    Filter 68439517AA is the Mopar #, can't find any aftermarket yet.

    I reused the old drainplug, my Liberty has 207k on the OEM plug and that's one spot it doesn't leak oil from.

    1. Pull Jeep onto ramps, set ebrake

    2. Open hood, take oil cap off

    3. Remove skid plate. I started with the T30 screws, then the 13MM bolts, then the 10MM. The 10MM ones are on the perimeter of the skid plate. I've attached a pic to sort of show where they are. Meant to get a pic of the skid plate when I had it off but I forgot. The skid plate that comes off isn't whole thing underneath. It's clear when you're under there. You'll pull it back to get it off the front bumper.


    4. Drain oil - use the 13MM socket. The drain plug faces the back of the Jeep. It shoots out about a foot, so make sure you have the pan placed right.

    5. Once drained, replace drain plug. I snugged it holding the head of the ratchet and then gave it a little push holding the ratchet normally.

    6. Remove filter - over the oil pan. The adjustable wrench made it super easy to loosen. Make sure the old gasket came off!

    7. Put a light coat of oil on the gasket of the new filter - use the new oil or old oil. I didn't prefill the filter, it would've been easy to but I didn't and it started up with no noises, so not a dry start.

    8. Refill oil - 4.5 qts. I can already see the mostly empty 5 qt jugs piling up in my garage.

    9. Start up and check for leaks!

    10. Reinstall skid plate - I put one of the 13MM bolts in first, then did the 10MM ones, then the rest of the 13MM then the T30s. Don't tighten them fully till they're all in, you'll need some play to move it around. Done!
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    Good job, Nice write up.

    Thanks for sharing, pictures are ALWAYS a plus.

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