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Discussion in 'Renegade Wheels & Tires' started by scruffus, Nov 7, 2017.

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    Aug 4, 2017
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    I've been reading this forum for several months now, knowing that at some point I was going to buy a Renegade. Well I finally made the leap this last weekend and bought an Altitude 4x4. I really wanted a manual trans and 4 wheel drive. And my sky roof panels. And Anvil grey.
    Manual Trans turned out to be not so easy to find, at least in whats left of 2017 vehicles at this point. So I ended up with everything I wanted except the color:


    In the end I'm quite happy with this color after all, especially with all the blacked out badges and trim.

    But as far as the topic at hand- I have been planning all along to swap in some mud tires + wheels. I thought I had it all planned, after a LOT of reading here and elsewhere. I was going to go with Atturo trail blade xt, in 235/60 R18. The stock rims on there now are already 18", so I would keep those for a while anyway. The trail blades have an overall diameter of 29.1 inches, which is about the max that the renegade can do according to what I have read.

    The problem is that it looks to me like those aren't going to clear the spring cup on the front struts. See this pic:

    What you see there is two layers of 1/4" rubber laid on top of my stock tires, to simulate the the increased diameter from 27.7 stock to 29.1 Trailblades. So whats the deal? How are others able to get 29" or so diameter tires on their renegades?

    Would someone with such a setup be willing to post a pic of their strut tower/tire clearance?

    I understand that spacers might help, but it looks to me that it would take at least 3/4" spacers to bring the tire outboard of the strut, but then I run into the pinch seam problem, and I don't want to do any cutting until my warranty expires.

    Any help/ insight here would be much appreciated!
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  2. red/green hawk

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    Spacers, don't worry about the warranty. They have to prove that your mod caused the problem. Trimming a small piece of steel off will cause no problems whatsoever.
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