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Discussion in 'Renegade Modified Tech' started by red/green hawk, Dec 29, 2018.

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    I have a 2015 Trailhawk with the 2.4 4 cylinder. I've been on quite a few adventures with my little toaster and for the most part have been pleased. My one beef I have is that in some instances it just seems that I run out of power. I know when off-roading there is a certain type of finesse that you need and one needs to know how to drive but sometimes you need just a little more oomph! that in some situations the Renegade just doesn't have. I've noticed in situations especially going up on an incline that the motor just bogs down and just peters out. Does anybody know of anyway to boost HP a bit (or a lot)? I have oversized tires (not by much-28.5 inch K02s) and I think you lose HP when running larger tires. Any ideas or info would be appreciated.
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    It may be a couple other things that may help.

    A. Torque, not horsepower is what you need going up a hill. The 2.4 only puts out 175 foot pounds and that's max at 3900 RPMs. That's where you need to keep your revs to get the full pulling power. I'd love to see a torque and horsepower chart, but haven't found one. Those would show the curve you need to keep the revs at for power and economy.

    B. The traction control applies the brakes to counter wheel spin. I've found on icy/snowy roads I have to get into the pedal to get the powered wheels through the brake action. When I shut off the traction control altogether, I spin my wheels until the computer defuels the engine (or however the electronic throttle control does that). Probably not helping you go up a hill either.

    Hope that helps a little, even being no answer for more power.
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    I've had some luck with adding the go-pedal and Autoflash from Maddness auto. But it's a little pricy.
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