Off Roading This Last Weekend

Discussion in 'Renegade Show & Tell' started by chris hightower, Jun 24, 2019.

  1. chris hightower

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    Jun 22, 2019
    kennewick, WA
    Well... we gave it a shot anyways :) It seems the area we used to 4x4 at is mostly closed or posted no trespassing/private property. We were able to drive a little off road but mainly just on the unpaved roads. We being my wife and I and our 4 Chihuahua mix doggies. I don't/can't drive anymore(severe nerve damage) so my wife took the wheel and did pretty good. She wanted to ignore some signs and head straight up some hills, but we still have stock tires on so I figured we'd wait until the lift and new tires are installed for that. We did get some cool pics on top of our Eastern Washington State desert hills. Enjoy :) 64788069_10205768501327548_3379971693802946560_o.jpg 64882552_10205768499967514_4314045991700398080_o.jpg 64829142_10205768500887537_674299067924217856_o.jpg 64765834_10205768502927588_5320394727944617984_o.jpg 64838162_10205768501687557_7058420563588415488_o.jpg 65213798_10205768502327573_1640178238598676480_o.jpg t hills... Enjoy :) 65173143_10205768500287522_7301580072626946048_o.jpg 64882552_10205768499967514_4314045991700398080_o.jpg 64882552_10205768499967514_4314045991700398080_o.jpg 64882552_10205768499967514_4314045991700398080_o.jpg
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  2. Mrsig

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    Sep 5, 2018
    Davie, FL
    Nice photos thanks for posting.

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