Time to Rotate the Tires.

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    Time to Rotate the Tires, step by step.

    For this demonstration, I am doing a four-wheel rotation.

    I like using the ‘Alternate Tire Pattern’ Method. See picture one (1).

    1. Park the Jeep on a level surface.

    2. Place the transmission in Park. See picture two (2).

    3. Set the Park Brake. See picture three (3).

    4. Loosen all the lug nuts. See picture four (4).

    5. Grab a jack, in this case I am going to use the controversial, Hi-Lift Jack. lol

    6. Center the jack on the Rock Rails so that both wheels of the Renegade can be lifted at the same time. See picture five (5).

    a. If I wasn’t using the Hi-Lift Jack; I would be using a floor jack to lift the front of the Renegade by the sub-frame, and placing a Jack Stand to support the Renegade so that the floor jack can be moved to the rear of the Renegade so that both tires on one side can be lifted. Jack up the rear side of the Renegade and support it with a jack stand.

    7. Rock the Jeep gently to ensure that the vehicle is secure on the jack or jack stands.

    8. I like using the Jack Handle isolator to help keep the Hi-Lift jack from hitting the Renegade. See picture six (6).

    9. Remove the lug nuts and wheels. See picture seven (7).

    a. If you are using bolt on wheel spacers (bolt on wheel spacers use the original lug bolts to secure the spacer to the spindle, and have their own lug studs to bolt the wheel to), verify the spacers tightness by torquing the wheel spacers bolts to 90 ft-lbs.

    b. If you have wheel spacers that utilize longer lug bolts that run through the wheel and spacer; the spacer will usually have a small bolt the holds the spacer in place to make easier to mount the wheel and align the lug bolt holes That small bolt replaces the screw that holds the rotor in place. The small bolt is torqued to 18 ft-lbs only).

    10. Rotate the tires by moving the (Right or Left (depending on which side you are working on) wheel assembly) rear tire and placing it on the front. Take that front tire and place it on the rear. See picture one (1).

    11. Hand start all lug nuts before tightening. See picture eight (8).

    12. After all the lug nuts have been started by hand, snug the lug nut using a ‘Star’ pattern. I snug them to approximately 18 ft-lbs. See picture nine (9).

    13. Lower the Renegade and repeat steps six through thirteen.

    14. Torque the lug nuts to **90 ft-lbs. I make two rotations when torquing the lug nuts. The first pass using the ‘Star’ pattern, followed by a clockwise circular pattern to verify the torque. See picture ten (10).

    ** 80 ft-lbs if you are using the longer lug bolts with wheel spacers.

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    I use the Preferred rotation pattern. #1
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    More good info. Thanks for posting.
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