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    Dec 19, 2016
    Las Vegas
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    Sep 17, 2016
    Los Angeles
  3. TrailHawk16

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    Jan 3, 2017
    Tows my 4x6 trailer and anything I have in it, no problem

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    Jan 18, 2017
    Gilbert, AZ
    I towed a UHaul 4x8 cargo trailer from Salt Lake to Phoenix and had no issues other than the wind pushing us around a bit. I may have been a little over the towing capacity weight but it was smooth sailing the whole way.
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  5. Ytbdej

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    Feb 26, 2017
    Tennessee usa
    Regularly tow a 16' fiberglass bass boat. Put electric trailer breaks in and have a hidden hitch. Hauls as well as it ever did with my ram with a himi. Have watched full size trucks spin all the way up the boat ramps next to me, and I never break grip. Oh, and my reny is 2wd. Putting in the factory hitch this weekend.

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  6. Caine

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    Jan 13, 2016
    Boise, Id
    Can someone check my specifications and verify if I am accurate.

    Jeep limited 4x4 1.4 L, 6 speed manual.
    GVWR: 4,508 lbs
    Curb Weight = 3183 lbs
    Payload = 1325 lbs (4508-3183= 1325 lbs Payload)
    Towing = USA NA, EMEA market 2200 lbs (1000 kg) [USA 2.4L = 2000 lbs]
    (2000/4508= 44%)

    To determine the maximum trailer tongue weight, multiply the gross trailer weight (GTW) by 15 percent
    2000 x .15 = 300 lbs

    The vehicle gross includes the wet weight (with fluids/fuel), all the payload (tongue weight is payload) should not exceed 4508 lbs
    3183 lbs + people and stuff + tongue weight =< 4508 lbs
    (3183 + 1025 lbs + 300) = 4508 lbs
  7. Redfour5

    Redfour5 New Member

    Oct 30, 2019
    My recs
    • Keep tongue weight as low as possible
    • Get a tranny cooler if pulling more than a thousand lbs any distances or climbing ANY mountains (with auto tranny)
    • Put electric brakes on trailer and brake controller in vehicle if doing any long distance runs or ANY mountains with campers AND FAMILY.
    Your numbers work except maybe the tongue weight. That tongue weight is NOT from what the vehicle manufacturer says, that is a general rule for all trailers per my understanding having nothing to do with the TV. I cannot find a US recommendation for tongue weight, but saw a European video that said like 60 kilograms or 130 lbs per FCA. The weak link on all of this is the tongue weight. Someone correct me if they can get an actual tongue weight from FCA.

    That will greatly limit what you can tow. In looking around at campers, the best I could find was something like an Aliner Scout "Lite" or one of the motorcycle campers (Aspen). Another alternative might be an ALL aluminum camper called Livinlite. They may be out of business now. They were full campers at around 800 lbs for an 8 box.

    The Aliner runs about 1100 lbs dry weight (2,000 lbs loaded) with a 130 lb "dry" tongue weight without battery. I'd get the basic one and buy a good propane stove/oven type set up as it does have water...and a small thetford porta-potty. Used runs around 7K IF you can find one, 10 to 11K new. You would be good to go for a couple or even a small kid/dogs along. One thing on Renegade is that they have a surprisingly large carrying capacity. I was stunned... Like 1200 to 1300 lbs in the 4X4??? So, load up the Rene and not the trailer depending upon what you get. There are pickup trucks that can only do that... IF, you decided to go Propane and Battery on front of that Scout Light, you will be running around 175 lbs on the tongue weight. You could test that and see if it works but might want to consider Eibachs OR put your propane and Battery inside. I used to put the battery inside on my pop up with the suby.

    So, my background in all this was that I pushed the limits on my old Subaru Forester rated at 2400 lbs towing but with ONLY like a 700 lb carrying capacity. I put electric brakes and a brake controller on (I would recommend if you wanted to do any extensive camper towing above 1,000 lbs) my old 1350 lb pop up and it ran around 200 lbs on the tongue weight even though Subaru said 178 lbs limit. I actually slammed my second Suby as they screwed up the springs on the 07's vs 04's. I put in Subaru racing springs "Pinks" to compensate. The 04 was perfect.

    I did probably 25K plus with that basic set up with NO problems but I did have a manual transmission in the Suby. You may want to consider a tranny cooler if you were going to do any serious camping with a trailer over a thousand lbs (auto transmission)...particularly if you ever intended to climb a mountain, any mountain. Just my thoughts based upon experience and forum conversations with many people pushing the limits a bit on small vehicles...

    So, it depends on what you want to do. I see all those utility trailers in posts and a 16 foot fishing boat and looks like a Renegade could do those all day long no problems. I have one of the Lowes 3.5 X 5 ft. utility trailers I used on the Suby and may just break it out here soon. but since I have a truck, not much need.

    Good luck towing... I will make no more recs on on towing as I have seen it turn into forum wars in the past. I might comment, but no more recommendations other than what I have stated here.

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