Renegade Brake rotors and pads

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    Tools you will need:

    Floor jack or other way to lift and support your car
    Tire iron to remove the wheel
    5mm hex key
    14mm socket or wrench
    E20 torx socket or wrench (a 16mm socket could also work)
    pry bar and/or sledge hammer if things get rough.
    Caliper cleaner

    Here I will be installing new brake pads and rotors on my 2016 Renegade 1.4 Turbo with four wheel drive. I chose the Stoptech slotted rotors and Powerstop ceramic brake pads


    First you need to lift the car and remove the wheel. If you have spacers, you'll have to remove those as well.


    In order to remove the rotor, you will need to remove the brake rotor screw with a 5mm hex key or allen wrench. These can be a pain to remove but mine came out no problem. If you are just doing the brake pads, you can skip this part.


    The brake caliper is held on with two 14mm bolts from behind the rotor.


    Once that is removed you can pull the caliper off the brake pad assembly and replace them. There are another two bolts holding the brake pad assembly to the spindle. These have an E20 torx head. If you don't have an E20 torx socket or wrench, I believe a 16mm socket will fit over the head.

    upload_2019-10-26_21-41-32.png upload_2019-10-26_21-43-0.png

    With the bracket removed you can pull off the rotor. Mine was rusted on pretty good and needed a sledge hammer to break loose.


    Take the bracket and remove the pads. There are some metal clips behind the pads you can remove as well. Some brake kits don't come with replacement hardware, but it is a good idea to replace them.

    upload_2019-10-26_21-48-18.png upload_2019-10-26_21-48-54.png

    Reassemble the metals clips and pads into the bracket. The new rotor goes on first followed by the reassembled bracket. You have to expand the caliper to get it to fit over the new pads.


    Torque everything down to spec. You should use brake cleaner to remove any contamination from the rotor. It is also a good idea to bleed the brakes.

    Re-install the wheel and you should be good to go.

    Edit: this was the front rotors. The rear ones look different and have different bolts.
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    Nice write up, thanks for sharing.
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    It is nice when you can do your own work. I am not a tech guy but I find write ups like this very interesting and I read them thru all the way. I find it helpful when I need work done and at least have a little understanding of what is required and hopefully know at least enough that I am not getting bamboozled. Thanks to all members for posting their knowledge. This forum is a great place.
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