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    First off, Hi. This is my first post on here, but seemed more appropriate to put this here rather than the Wave section.

    Between September and December of last year I took a pretty epic road trip in my Desert Hawk.

    46 States + 2 Canadian provinces
    More then 10 weeks on the road
    17000 Miles driven
    15 National Parks
    Countless state parks, national monuments, museums, and who knows what else

    Only went off road in a couple of places, but did spend a fair amount of time camping. I didn't take too many pictures of my Renegade, but here are the few pics I did take of it (generally of where I was camping). I also including a picture of my map where I marked my route and each number is the night that I stayed there (so you can see the route I took).

    It was an amazing adventure and the Renegade was fantastic the entire time, not a single issue. This is a gorgeous country and I highly recommend taking a similar trip at some point in your life.

    Also, if you're wondering, I go to Washington and Oregon often enough that I decided not to go there on this trip. It was my first time to 40 of the states I visited and first time to Canada.

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    Quite the journey.

    Thanks for sharing.

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